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Meet your new best friend - Matcha Machine is designed to boost your metabolism, kick your energy into overdrive and detoxify your body.
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How it works

Our energy boosting, inner glow program is designed to give your body the support it needs. Leaner, healthier and more energised. Get started today.

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Metabolic Support.

Our Best-Selling Matcha Machine program is clincally proven to increase Metabolic activity - meaning you burn fat and get results faster.

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Raw, natural energy.

All day energy and loaded with nutrients - the Matcha Matchine program gives you the bounce and vitality you need to get more of what you want out of life.

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20 cups of green tea.

Matcha Machine contains premium Matcha and Sencha green-tea extracts with the nutritional benefits of over 20 cups of green tea per serve. Fully Organic and stone-ground to preserve the nutrients naturally.

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Can't get enough of it.


"Okay no lie this tea is absolutely amazing and makes bloating disappear from your life ✨ you get one for the morning to boost your metabolism and one in the afternoon to detox and cleanse!! All vegan ,organic, and non GMO"

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This tea is absolutely amazing


"Tried the @matchamachine cleansing tea over the holiday period. Can't get enough of it, makes me feel so much lighter."

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" ❤️ I've been drinking this matcha & sencha tea for about a week now and it's the first thing I look forward to when I wake up👸🏽 Perfect for detoxifying your body, exactly what my body needs now💃🏽 It's actually so yummy😋 and it keeps me in the shape🔥💪🏼
You should definitely try it!! :)"

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