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The easiest way to boost your antioxidant intake


If you've read any discussions about good health, walked into a health food store or listened to doctors and nutritionists you'll hear the term antioxidants come up again and again. These guys, which mainly come from the foods we eat help prevent the oxidation of molecules in our body. 

What oxidation does is create free radicals, harmful cells that can cause a wide range of long-term illnesses, diseases and the effects of premature aging. Your body naturally produces antioxidants to counter these effects, but in most cases free radicals vastly outnumber the antioxidants your body is able to naturally produce on it's own. Getting more antioxidants into your body is critical to boost and maintain health.

So how do get Antioxidants?

Simple really - what you eat and drink. Different fruits and vegetables contain varying compositions of antioxidants with a number of 'superfoods' being classified due to their very high values, like Goji Berries, Acai, Cacao, Blueberries and Green-Tea. Eating a balanced diet, loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables and lots and lots of green-tea is a solid space to start. 

Up-size your order of antioxidants with Matcha

Matcha green tea uses traditionally grown Japanese tea leaves which are hand-picked, steamed, dried and ground into a fine green powder. What matters the most about this is this process takes the antioxidant content off the carts. Because you're eating entire leaves dissolved in water instead of just steeped you're getting all of the tea's antioxidant benefits. 

How off the charts you might ask? 6 times that of goji berries, 20 times that of acai, 60 times that of spinach and 137x more than a normal cup of green tea.

Going one better

The process of growing Matcha tea involves keeping the leaves of the plant in the shade for their whole life before consumption. This increases the chlorophyll content and creates the distinctive Matcha flavour. Sencha tea is different, it's grown in direct sunlight which reduces the chlorophyll content, but increases the concentration of the tea's most potent antioxidant EGCG even further. 

Normally Sencha is sold as a loose leaf tea, but we've applied traditional Matcha preparation techniques to this tea as well with our Sencha Cleanse. This tea is quite literally one of the most antioxidant dense drinks on the planet and the single best way to ensure that you're keeping your long-term health in check.

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