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5 ways to beat bloating


It's not just limited to over-doing it on the treats - Bad habits, certain types of food and hormones can often bring on symptoms, particularly amongst women. Fortunately bloating doesn't have to be a problem for long. To help you get better here's a couple of clever ways you can deal to bloating today.

1. Cut back on the salt


Increases in your hormone levels before your period can cause your body to retain more water. Having a high salt diet makes this even worse - high levels of sodium cause water to be retained in your body and you're not necessarily getting this from the salt shaker. On average 80% of people's daily sodium in-take comes from processed or packaged foods. So put down the frozen microwaved meal, or prepared pasta sauce and go for food prepared from fresh where you know how much salt is going in. Cutting back on your salt levels should result in less water being retained and less puffiness and bloating.

2. Get your body moving

Exercise for bloating

Even something as simple as a 5-10 minute walk will help relieve the symptoms of bloating. Why - exercise helps gas pass more quickly through your digestive system meaning you feel better faster. 

3. Increase your fluid intake

Water for bloating

This might sound counter-intuitive, but when your bodies retaining water you need to increase your fluid intake to help dilute the sodium in your system and flush the water out. Plus water helps flush out toxins and activates your digestive processes so drink a glass of water as soon as you start to feel the symptoms of bloating.

4. Smaller meals, more often

Eat small meals

Eating larger, heavier meals puts much more stress on your digestive system and increases the volume of gas being generated. Plan for smaller meals 5 times daily to ease the pressure on your gut. 

5. Add Matcha Machine Sencha Cleanse to your diet

Matcha Detox

The consumption of green tea as an aid for digestive health goes back thousands of years. Studies have shown that the antioxidants (catechins) in green tea help slow down the actions of digestive enzymes meaning food is digested slower and less likely to generate high levels of gas.

Green-tea has natural anti-inflamatory properties, soothes the digestive system and it acts as a natural diuretic to help reduce the symptoms of water retention.

Our Sencha Cleanse tea uses a unique, stone-ground, concentrated powder of green-tea leaves in a process similar to the production of Matcha. This delivers the nutritional benefits of up to 20 cups of green tea per serve, meaning you've just met your new bestie in the fight against bloating!