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Matcha - is it THAT good for you?


So many people may ask, is Matcha tea really good for you and here’s the quick answer folks… of course it is.

Everyone is going absolutely crazy over this powdered green tea - you must have seen images and people drinking it almost everywhere. If you haven’t, you will now that we’ve told you so. Celebrities are endorsing it when doing workouts or exercise, or drinking it before a meal to reduce appetite. You also see all these babes drinking it and might wonder to yourself “Wow, what's all the fuss about?"

So what IS all the fuss about?

Matcha is a tea made from taking Green Tea leaves (considered a superfood in their own right), growing them in the shade and then grinding them all up into a fine, vibrant green powder that's drunk as a tea. 

What this gives you, in simple terms, is a massively concentrated dose of green tea. One cup of Matcha is the equivalent of 5-10 cups of traditional, steeped green tea and carries even higher concentrations of key nutrients - i.e 137x more antioxidants than a regular cuppa.

The health benefits that this gives you are fairly pronounced and include:

  • Boosting your energy and maintaining it without the peak and crash of other caffeine products
  • Supporting your metabolism
  • Promoting a better sense of calm and focus
  • Suppressing your appetite 
  • Assisting your body to burn calories faster
  • Assisting with disease resistance and aging effects
  • Providing you with a safe, natural form of detoxification due to the teas high cholorophyll content

The importance of drinking it right

Another thing that is important to note is the healthiest way to get these benefits dramatically is to drink it in it’s purest form, Matcha powder and hot water. It is incredibly yummy having it in baking and lattes etc, but the healthiest way is to brew it. 

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