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Meet Sencha powder - Why it's even better for you than Matcha


Everyone raves about Matcha powder, so now it’s time to introduce its best friend Sencha powder. Both Matcha and Sencha come from the same plant but their growing methods and preparation deliver end products with very different properties.

Why both Matcha and Sencha are so good for you.

This is fairly well documented now and a quick google search for Matcha health benefits is going to give you more results than you could possibly follow of people raving about how good this stuff is for you. But as quick refresher we're looking at:

  • Boosting your energy and maintaining it without the peak and crash of other caffeine products
  • Supporting your metabolism
  • Promoting a better sense of calm and focus
  • Suppressing your appetite 
  • Assisting your body to burn calories faster
  • High chlorophyll content to assist with safe, natural detoxification
  • 137x more antioxidants than traditional steeped teas

Matcha is so good for you because of how its prepared.

Matcha is made from green tea leaves - these are the raw leaves from the tea plant, un-fermented unlike most black teas. The plants are grown in the shade for their whole life, which concentrates the caffeine, and creates Matcha's unique earthy flavour. 

When prepared the leaves are deiveined and their stems are removed. They are then ground in a stone mill to create the bright green powder that is Matcha ready for drinking. This process of using the whole plant concentrates the nutrients and is why Matcha is so choc full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients. 

So what's the difference with Sencha.

A simple change to the production of the tea creates a dramatic difference in the final product. Sencha powder is made from plants grown in the sun instead of in the shade and includes not just the leaves, but the stalks, stems and bud.

Sun exposure increases the antioxidant content of Sencha powder, delivering higher levels EGCG or catechins. These are responsible for many of green tea's health benefits. So Sencha powder has an even higher concentration of nutritional benefits than Matcha!

A secondary effect of being grown in the sun is that it reduces the caffeine content of the tea, meaning Sencha is much more suitable for afternoon or early evening drinking.

It takes two to tango

Combing both Matcha and Sencha teas over a day offers the best of both worlds - calm energy levels, alertness, antioxidants and improved metabolism from Matcha carrying over to a more relaxing, more nutritious tea in the form of Sencha that can be drunk in the evening.

These two teas form the basis of our Matcha Machine 28 day program targeted at maximising the effect of green tea for you, around the clock.

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