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Why Matcha beats coffee in the morning

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Matcha, taken as a superfood supplement offers a huge range of benefits because of it's high antioxidant and vitamin content. But here's another, simpler reason to drink it - it's perfect as an alternative to your morning cup of coffee. 

A more sustained and relaxed energy burst than coffee

Both coffee and Matcha contain caffeine, which is largely responsible for giving you a boost of energy in the morning - however what makes Matcha unique is another component of the tea leaf - L-theanine.

This amino acid is proven to act as a stress-relieving agent and produces a calming effect on the body. When you combine this with the effects of caffeine it delivers a more relaxed, more alert and more focused energy boost - i.e you don't get that jittery feeling when you consume caffeine via coffee. 

Plus - what L-theanine does is it slows down the release of caffeine into the body, meaning a more sustained level of energy without the peak and crash of coffee.

How to drink your Matcha in the morning

The traditional method of consuming Matcha is gently whisking boiling water into a vibrant, green powder. This process mixes the Matcha correctly through the tea and creates a subtle 'crema' similar to what you'd get with an Expresso coffee. The flavour is delicate and grassy and very quickly becomes an obsession!

The other trend we're seeing is the Matcha latte, with Matcha tea being whisked into frothed milk and generally having sugar added. These can be a delicious treat, but watch out for the dairy and sugar otherwise you'll not be getting the health benefits from the tea.

Either way, add the broader benefits of drinking Matcha such as amazing flavour, it's detoxifying properties, its ability to boost your metabolism and it's unique concentration of antioxidants and you're most certainly starting the day with the best foot forward. 

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