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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work

How Matcha Machine works

Matcha Machine is a special tea that does stuff

How is Matcha Machine different to other detox teas

Firstly, many detox teas are of the loose leaf variety, meaning you are getting less of the nutrients from the active ingredients as your not eating the whole leaf or plant.

Matcha Machine is a potent form of green tea. Because of how it's prepared you're consuming the whole leaf, delivering up to 10x more nutrients and 137x more antioxidants than steeped teas.

Secondly, many detox teas contain either, or both diurettics and laxatives. Whilst these may have an immediate effect on symptoms such as bloating and water retention, what's happening is everything is getting flushed out of your body. The effect of this is, as soon as you stop taking the tea everything goes back to the way it was. Secondly, voluntary, long-term usage of laxatives and diuretics can be highly unhealthy.

Matcha Machine is designed to support your bodies natural detoxification systems and doesn't cause such a drastic shock to your system. It's high in chlorophly, fiber and antioxidants which assist in removing toxins from your system and is safe enough to take every day.