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About Matcha Machine

In making Matcha Machine we wanted to create something that drives beauty from within – a two-step program that naturally detoxifies the body, increases energy levels and helps us look and feel great. We turned to Matcha green tea – a superfood with benefits off the charts – and THE chosen drink at New York Fashion week 2016 (google Matcha benefits – you’ll see what we mean… we’ll wait).

Matcha Machine is an all-natural, premium, two-step superfood boost that you can take every day. It uses a unique combo of organic, premium Matcha powder and Sencha powder. Whilst there is a list of benefits of the charts, what you can expect is:

  • Increased and sustained energy
  • Ongoing support for your metabolism
  • Very high levels of chlorophyll to aid in detoxification
  • 137x more antioxidants than traditional steeped teas to support your body’s natural repair systems
  • 100% natural, Vegan, Organic.
  • No fillers, no additives and no laxatives (gross).

 We can't wait for you to try it and be part of the Matcha Fam