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The Original Matcha Machine


Loving it

Really happy with this detox tea

I've tried a teatox before and didn't enjoy the experience at all. I was constantly having to go to the toilet (gross). And when I stopped taking the teatox it felt like everything just went back to normal. This tea is different. I've got heaps more energy since I started taking it and feeling a whole lot healthier and I haven't had any of side effects from before. I'll be drinking this every day.

Freakin Awesome!

Such a good program. I've been doing for the last 14 days and I'm feeling SOOO good. Loving the recipes and the exercises are quick enough for me to fit in every day. Seriously - you need this

Didn't know how easy it was to eat healthy

Great exercises, but my favourite is the diet plan. The ebook walks you step by step through how to stock your cupboard so you can eat well, gives great recipes and helps guide you towards building your own constructions. I haven't eaten this well in years and I'm not even spending that much. - Totally recommend this.

Matcha is a must !!!

I have been drinking matcha for almost 3 weeks now and I have been so energetic and full of life.. I simply love it skin is glowing and I look healthy..with my 12 hour shift I don't feel at all tired when come home..i sleep well too..i would recommend matcha machine to anyone..simply a must ..and will continue having it..thank you matcha for showing the new me..:kissing_closed_eyes::dancer::heart_eyes::heart::heart:

Thumbs up

Liking this tea

Big thumbs up

This E-book is legit

The perfect combination!

I absolutely love it! I am a huge fan of anything Matcha flavored and this tea is just perfect! I drink it every morning before class and in the evening. Every time I drink it, I feel great! Definitely felt a boost of energy and helped with metabolism as well. I would recommend this product to others. Instead of drinking coffee, this Tea is the perfect alternative.

Good product



Ok - it's been school holidays and I've had 2 little ones to keep entertained every day. This tea has been a god-send. I can't drink coffee as it makes me too jittery, but have been drinking the Matcha boost every morning and it just gives me so much energy to get through the day. Plus it makes me feel, calmer, or just a little more relaxed which makes handling the kids a whole lot easier. I also haven't had time to go to the gym and the diet has been a bit all over the place, so by taking both teas everyday at least I'm getting some piece of mind that I'm looking after my body how I can. Can't recommend this enough.

Wow - 10 days - 10 pounds

And I didn't have to diet - just eat well and follow their daily exercise plan!

Good read


Extra Energy

So far has helped loads in giving me that extra boost I need!! It is also vegan and organic which I love.

Helping my IBS

I'm noticing my tummy is much more settled

Pretty good

I'm enjoying this and feel more energy

Great post workout

Awesome having a cuppa sencha post workout!

Not a fan of the taste

Sorry - I prefer my morning coffee still.

Pretty good


Worth it

Love the flavour. Drinking instead of coffee in the morning.

Enjoyed it

Still need to put it into practice though LOL . I start next week :)

Love the time management skills

I'm hopeless planning my week - this book is great because it's helped me structure my day around positive habits - good stuff

Really enjoying this

I put it in my smoothies - it's great

I love you guys so Matcha

I never write reviews, but I had to share how much I love taking Matcha Machine matcha everyday. It makes me feel soo good!. And It surprisingly tastes better then I expected, better then most other 'teatoxes' out there, and the best things is that it's all natural & vegan =)


Lost 10lbs